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Email : enquiries@haven-nurseries.co.uk
7 Varieties
With around 7 varieties all grown for their full flavours and eating qualities.
Our ripe red tomatoes are rich in Lycopene an excellent antioxidant.
We grow our tomatoes, with a passion, a passion for a top quality product at a cost effective price.
We supply not only to national supermarkets but a wider area through wholesale outlets and more locally through farm shops.
With at least 70% tomato Drews Tomato Juice is more refreshing and has a lighter purer flavour.
Supplying Our Tomatoes
For more information on how you can get to stock our high quality tomatoes and juice products please
PHONE 01886 888674 or FAX 01886 888016 or
EMAIL paul@haven-nurseries.co.uk
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Tomato Juice
Delicious on its own, or as a mixer Drews Tomato Juice is virtually fat free and only 15kcals!
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Stocking Our Tomatoes
Call Paul on 01886 888674 or email paul@haven-nurseries.co.uk to book your deliveries.
Local Supply
Getting Our Tomatoes
Give Paul a ring on
01886 888674 to arrange to collect our top quality tomatoes and juice products.
All of our tomatoes are grown using natural methods for pollination, pest and disease control.
Drews of Worcester
Producing Tomatoes for over 50 Years in the heart of Worcestershire
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